Wellys Magnetic Reflexology Insoles (Men)


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Wellys®GI-170009: Magnetic Reflexology Insoles (Men)

Wellys® Magnetic Foot Reflexology Insoles (Men)
These insoles act as a pleasant massage with every step and use the punctual effect on the foot reflex zones. Foot reflex zones are nerve points that are associated with various parts of the body and organs are connected, and their stimulation is positive can affect the circulation and muscles. The soles are comfortable to wear and are ideal for long walks or standing. Each sole is with seven magnets of 2600 each Gauss.


  • Magnetic reflexology insoles (men)
  • These comfortable insoles make it easy to stay on your feet throughout the day! 
  • They can help wipe out discomfort and fatigue by transmitting reflexology pulses between the feet and your entire body. 
  • The insoles can also help promote blood circulation and reduce muscular aches and pain. 
  • With every step you take, you will have a much easier time walking! 
  • Each insole is equipped with seven magnets (2600 Gauß each).
  • Suitable for sizes 42-46.
  • Material: latex (inside), PVC (outside).
Weight 0.079 kg
Dimensions 34 × 12 × 1 cm


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