Garnier eye cleansing lotion 2in1


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Garnier Eye Cleansing Lotion 2in1 is a versatile and efficient solution for removing eye makeup and caring for the delicate eye area. This dual-action formula acts as both a makeup remover and a gentle eye care lotion. The lotion effectively dissolves and lifts away even stubborn waterproof makeup, while the gentle ingredients soothe and nourish the sensitive eye area. The non-greasy and non-irritating formula leaves your eyes feeling refreshed and comfortable. Garnier Eye Cleansing Lotion 2in1 is ophthalmologically tested, making it suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. The convenient bottle design with a flip-top cap allows for easy and mess-free application. Embrace the convenience and effectiveness of Garnier Eye Cleansing Lotion 2in1 and enjoy beautifully clean and cared-for eyes.




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