5 Packs Toppik Hair Fibers Dark Brown 27g

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  • For thinning hair
  • Strengthens the hair
  • Visibly fuller hair
  • Tiny Keratin microfibers
  • Hair loss

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A cosmetic hair thickener with keratin protein that makes hair thicker and fuller in just 30 seconds.

Toppik Hairbuilding Fibers Dark Brown is an innovative powder that is ideal for people with visibly thinning hair. It is made of tiny Keratin microfibers that are also processed in natural hair. When Toppik Hairbuilding Fibers Dark Brown is applied to the hair, thousands of tiny micro hair fibers will mix with your own hair. By means of static electricity, the fibers adhere to your own hair so that they stay in place. The micro hair fibers remain in place all day, do not give off and do not flake or irritate. Once fixed, it is resistant to wind, rain and perspiration. It is also very easy to wash out with a shampoo. Toppik Hairbuilding Fibers is available in four sizes.


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