How do I set up an account?
Click top Right side of the header on Icon “login/register” then click on register put your personal details there and Verify your email Account.
Is Beautiful Me is secure?

The security of our site is a top priority. We employ a multi-layered approach to ensure the protection of user data and the integrity of our platform. This includes implementing industry-standard encryption protocols, regularly updating our software and systems to patch vulnerabilities, conducting thorough security audits, and closely monitoring for any suspicious activity. Additionally, we adhere to best practices for data protection and privacy to safeguard the trust our users place in us. While no system can be guaranteed 100% secure, we are committed to continually enhancing and adapting our security measures to stay ahead of potential threats.

Phone: +32 2 733 55 35

Do you offer free return?

Yes, we are offer Free returns, for More information you can check Return policy here.

Return Policy

Return your item within 30 days after received. Defective items received may also be returned. Make sure the item is not damaged or mishandled before returning as this will result to no refund. 

Something is missing from the order?

While our packers are pretty great at getting your order together, very rarely they may leave an item out from the order. If this happens, please just reach out to us at or via our live chat and we can get this sorted for you. If this happens, we will require a photo of what you received for verification purposes

How do I cancel my order?

If after placing your order you realise you’ve made a mistake or no longer want the order, then we can process a cancellation within 24 hours of the order being placed. Please reach out to us at or via our live chat and provided it’s within 24 hours and the order hasn’t shipped, we should be able to cancel your order and process a refund for you. Once your order has been shipped it is too late to cancel your order.

Contact Us

If we still haven’t managed to answer your question please feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Phone: +32 2 733 55 35